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My name is Arturo Perez founder of the company ARTS POOLS AND SPAS.

In the mid 90's I got introduced to the swimming pool industry because I was looking to put my gifted skills to practice.

 Suddenly, I started to like the process of swimming pool construction, so for the next two years I started out as a plumber’s assistant.

 Years after, my abilities began to unfold into something great, Because I loved what I was doing, I was starting to create a great passion for my work. People started to love my artistic skills, and that’s when opportunities started coming .

To this day, people still love our work and the many elements that make us a very unique swimming pool company.
Please let us put our expertise to work, and help you build your dream pool.




In Arts pools we are dedicated to the new construction repairs and maintence of swimming pools. We are committed to total satisfaction to the needs and expectations of all our customers always providing an adequate consultation and economic flexibility (of course, without neglecting the quality of the materials and products that we use as well as the workmanship).


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Our vision is to consolidate our position as one of the best pool companies in the valley, with national standards of quality in the field of construction, repairs, and maintenance of swimming pools .We know that our reputation is on the line (that is the reason why we work tirelessly to earn a name in the industry).




Organization, discipline, integrity and honesty.


We do things according to the contract. We plan the phases of the construction, and respect the deadlines of completion. We carry out our prices until the end of the project and ensure the final product to your 100% satisfaction. Since our beginnings in the swimming pool construction we keep our word but above all we keep the respect and admiration of all of our customers. We’ve accomplished this task due to our commitment and mision. As a result, we have many references which you are welcome to visit to look at our work whether it is complete or in progress.

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